About us

Cue Courage is an anti-cyberbullying social media movement

Cue Courage is an anti-cyberbullying social media movement. We envision a world where social networks are used for their original purpose: Forming and maintaining friendships. We're leveraging social media's power to share information and inspiration for cyberbullying prevention and intervention.

Our journey began in 2003 by Bobby Remis due to concerns about the escalation of bullying at his middle school. At only 13-years-old, Bobby led classroom discussions, designed presentations, and counseled students in grades 3, 4, and 5 dealing with bullying's side effects. In 2013, Cue Courage transformed from an anti-bullying program to an anti-cyberbullying movement.

Every October for National Bullying Prevention Month, Cue Courage provides an activity kit for grade school classrooms. The goal is to start a conversation and creatively engage students to understand how to prevent bullying.

Cue Courage is operated entirely by volunteers who are passionate about positive digital citizenship and online safety.